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November 2016:  Amy Walker Is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate.  We are proud to announce that Amy Walker has met all the qualifications for board certification by the North Carolina State Bar in estate planning and probate.  The requirements for board certification can be found here:  Congratulations, Amy!

October 2016:  Beth Tillman Rejoins the Board of Charles House Association.  Beth Tillman previously served on the Board of Charles House Association for a six-year term.  She was asked to join the Board again this year and will serve for another term.  Charles House is a local non-profit that operates the Charles House Center for Community Eldercare to provide quality, personalized care to elders and respite for their caregiving families.

January 2016:  Willis P. Whichard Selected to Receive 2016 McKnight Award. The North Carolina Bar Association has selected Willis P. Whichard to receive the 2016 H. Brent McKnight Renaissance Lawyer Award. The award “seeks to recognize those North Carolina attorneys whose trustworthiness, respectful and courteous treatment of all people, enthusiasm for intellectual achievement and commitment to excellence in work, and service to the profession and community during a multifaceted, accomplished life, inspire others.” (NCBA)

January 2015:  Willis P. Whichard receives Mediator Certification.  We are delighted to announce that Willis P. Whichard has completed the requirements necessary to obtain certification as a Superior Court Mediator.  The firm now welcomes referrals in the areas of arbitration, mediation, and litigation consultation, especially in the appellate courts.

July 2014:  Portrait of Willis Whichard Presented at N.C. Supreme Court.  Partner Willis Whichard’s portrait was hug in the North Carolina Supreme Court building honoring his years of service to the bench.  Justice Whichard is the only person in the history of North Carolina to serve in both the state Senate and the House of Representatives.  As Martin Brinkley, Dean of UNC Law School, said during the portrait hanging, “No member of the court has done more, in more capacities or with greater distinction, for the Old North State than the man whose portrait we dedicate today.”  A transcript of the event is available here:

June 2014: Beth Tillman Chosen Again as Finalist in Independent Weekly’s 2014 Best of the Triangle.
Local newspaper Independent Weekly listed Beth Tillman as a Finalist in the “Attorney” category for the second year in a row. This readers’ choice poll is taken yearly and covers the entire Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

October 2013: Partner Willis P. Whichard Honored with Appointment.
Partner Willis P. Whichard has been appointed to the American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary. The committee consists of fifteen ABA members:  two members from the Ninth Circuit, one member from each of the other twelve federal judicial circuits, and one chair.  Members are appointed for staggered three-year terms by the President of the ABA “based on their reputations for professional competence, integrity and devotion to public service,” according to the ABA.

September 2013: Willis P. Whichard Joins the Firm.
The Honorable Willis P. Whichard, retired North Carolina Associate Supreme Court Justice, has joined the firm. He is the only person in the history of North Carolina who has served in both the state House and the state Senate and also sat on both the Court of Appeals of North Carolina and the North Carolina Supreme Court.

June 2013: Beth Tillman Chosen as Finalist in Independent Weekly’s 2013 Best of the Triangle.
Local newspaper Independent Weekly listed Beth Tillman as a Finalist in the “Attorney” category. This readers’ choice poll is taken yearly and covers the entire Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

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